International Law Firm

Conflicts Process Integration (Intapp Open/Integrate and OpenText Metastorm BPM)

CABEtech Consulting Inc. was contracted by an International Law Firm to integrate Intapp Open with their existing New Business Intake process running under Metastorm MBPM.

As part of this engagement CABEtech demonstrated its full range of skills, knowledge and experience of workflow design, and both the Intapp Open and Metastorm BPM platforms. Tasks included:

  • Design and Development of an Intapp workflow process that matched and supported the clients Conflicts business processes
  • Design and Development of user forms to support conflicts personnel with conflicts checks for new business, file changes, marketing requests and lateral hires.
  • Design and Development of a series of interfaces between Metastorm BPM and Intapp Open to achieve reliable, real-time data exchange and process integration across platforms
  • Modifications to the existing Metastorm New Business Intake, File change and Lateral Hire processes to support the initiation and progression and lawyer visibility of Conflict checks in Intapp Open
  • Testing and production deployment of changes to both environments

International Law Firm

Human Resources Process Migration (OpenText Metastorm to Intapp Flow/Integrate)

CABEtech Consulting Inc. was contracted by an International Law Firm to migrate existing Metastorm BPM workflows to their new Intapp Flow workflow platform. The project involved a wide range of tasks including:

  • Work with client Subject Matter Experts to refine the existing processes and remove unused legacy functionality
  • Migrate Metastorm BPM process models to Intapp Flow workflows
  • Migrate Metastorm BPM forms and form functionality to Intapp Flow forms
  • Build Intapp Flow integrations and Intapp Integrate rules and components to mirror the detailed functionality of the Metastorm Processes
  • Rebuild Email templates to work with Intapp Flow
  • Modify SQL Server Reporting Services reports to use the new Intapp Flow schema
  • Testing and support of production deployment

CABEtech was able to complete this project significantly ahead of schedule due to its knowledge of both the existing Metastorm BPM platform and the target Intapp Flow/Integrate platforms

World Leading Law Firm

Automation of Numerous Key Business Process (OpenText Metastorm BPM)

CABEtech Consulting Inc. has been the trusted advisor for BPM Automation for this top 10 global Law firm for over 7 years. Projects have included a range of tasks including:

  • Conducting requirements workshops with client Subject Matter Experts which ultimately led to the creation of requirement documents
  • Performing analysis, design, implementation and project management services for the automation of numerous mission critical processes including New Business Intake, Inactive Matter Review, File Change, Departed Lawyer Matter Review and Lateral Hiring Conflicts Management.
  • Designing and implementing a custom user interface to provide extra functionality that the standard BPM product interface did not deliver
  • Designing and implementing custom software code to provide the ability to consume data directly from PDFs into the BPM application software

Their ongoing relationship with CABEtech continues to open new doors into areas such as Mobile devices and greater application integrations

Major Healthcare Provider

Cancer Patient Care (OpenText Metastorm BPM)

CABEtech Consulting Inc. provided analysis, design and implementation services for over 4 years to this $28B Healthcare provider. The project tasks included:

  • Designed and implemented 15 workflow processes, each one dealing with a different type of cancer
  • Designed and implemented “outside the box” custom module that allowed users to seamlessly switch between any process workflow
  • Enhanced the BPM application by creating new form controls which greatly increased the speed at which users could enter data into the system
  • Supported phased production rollouts to over 10 US markets which support over 20,000 patients

CABEtech Consulting Inc. was able to deliver this 4 year project on time and on budget hitting every delivery mileston

Financial Services Company

BPM Process Migration (OpenText Metastorm BPM) 

CABEtech Consulting Inc. was engaged by this company to migrate their existing Metastorm v7 processes to v9 BPM platform which provided a more modern and feature rich BPM platform. The engagement included:

  • Detailed documentation of the existing environment and processes
  • Analysis of how to minimize risk in the migration process
  • Analysis of how new features in the newer software version could be leveraged for business benefit
  • Development of the migration plan and execution of the migration process including architecture deployment, data cleanup & migration
  • Process redevelopment (where necessary), testing/validation, deployment and User Acceptance Testing.

Financial Services Company

Building Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Around Existing BPM Platform to Ease Integration Challenges

CABEtech Consulting Inc. was engaged by another financial services company to assist with integration challenges they were having with their existing BPM Platform, specifically they were looking to offer a range of User and System Interfaces to existing workflows built in their BPM Platform.

  • Designed an enhancement to the existing system architecture that would great improve process flow by wrapping the workflows with REST Web Service Interfaces
  • Built this interface to that any of the REST supporting interface appliances can be plugged into their environment.
  • The SOA wrapper had encryption implemented on all data due to the highly secure nature and high volume of users in their environment.