Our Services

CABEtech Consulting Inc. offers specialist skills in all aspects of Business Process Analysis and Improvement projects. Our services include:

Full lifecycle, BPM Project Consulting Services ranging from:

  • BPM Technology Selection and implementation
  • BPM Suite vs ‘Low-Code’ technologies – Which is right for you?
  • Process Analysis and Process Improvement services
  • Existing process capture and documentation
  • Stake holder interviews and Process analysis workshop facilitation
  • GAP Analysis
  • ‘To-Be’ process development, proposal and documentation
  • Process design and Implementation
  • BPM Technology deployment and customization
  • Process Design and implementation (leveraging existing and new technologies)
  • Testing and User Acceptance Testing Support
  • Deployment support
  • Full Project Lifecycle management services
  • Experience in managing both Traditional and Agile methodologies
  • Project Resource and Budget management
  • PMI Certified Project managers
  • Auxiliary BPM Project Consulting Services
  • Analyst and Developer Training in BPM Approaches and Technologies

Mentoring Services – Allow one of our consultants to work alongside your analysts and developers to increase their BPM IQ and make them more efficient and productive through the use of tried and tested an best practices

BPM Project Management – Benefit for the expertise of an experienced project manager on a mission or business critical BPM project or initiative

Architecture or Design Review – Engage one of our team to review your existing BPM infrastructure and deployments to assess the fitness for purpose, scalability and performance. CABEtech Consulting Inc. has had numerous successes removing pain points from existing systems through our detailed Architectural review process

Migration Planning and Execution – In the rapidly changing world of BPM technology it is can be necessary to understand the impact of moving from one technology to another. This has become more apparent with the ‘Low-Code’ BPM suite options becoming robust enough to support mainstream. We offer a Migration planning service that analyzes what you have today and conducts an assessment of the effort and impact of moving to a new platform. A number of our clients have combined this service with our Technology selection service to help them find the best fit BPM technology for their company going forward.

(Note: CABEtech Consulting Inc. is not affiliated with, nor do we benefit from the sale of any particular product – this allows us to provide a truly independent view of which of the platforms are the most suitable for your company)

Process Mentoring HelpDesk – A recent offering is the provision of a packaged offering that allows customers with experienced developers to call upon CABEtech’s expert consultants as required, to assist in addressing specific development challenges – a developers helpdesk!

The Consulting team at CABEtech Consulting Inc. primarily cut its teeth on the Opentext Metastrom BPM Toolset and still consults with many Metastorm users today. Their projects range from maintenance, feature enhancements, new developments and migrations to alternate BPM Platforms. Through successful client engagements we have added experience in many newer BPM Platforms – especially a number of the leaders in the ‘Low Code’ sector.


Interview with Clay Richardson – Forrester Analyst – Low Code BPM