CABEtech Consulting Inc. Builds REST Based API to Opentext Metastorm BPM to Leverage Modern User Interface Technologies

CABEtech Consulting Inc. recently worked on a project to help an organization connect their existing Metastorm BPM environment to a more modern Web from end. The client’s concern was that the user interface had become dated in comparison with modern web experiences and performed slowly. Their desire was to rebuild the entire web experience for the users while maintaining the workflow logic and functionality in the Metastorm BPM Engine. CABEtech Consulting Inc. proposed the use of a RESTful web service wrapper to encapsulate the workflows and decouple them from the native UI technology in Metastorm. The REST layer integrated Metastorms Security with Token based security in the RESTful services. The client elected to build the new Web experience using AngularJS technology and the results have been very impressive. Not only does the experience rival any new interactive website but it also demonstrated marked performance improvements over the existing Metastorm UI.

If you are interested in investigating a similar approach in your environment then please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss what was accomplished in more detail.